ERP Projects

We are specialized in SAP Projects & Training, as our professionals have worked for some of the biggest SAP projects of the world, through various Multinational Organizations. We provide freelance support in whichever stage your (SAP) project is:

  • Whether it is your first SAP Implementation;
  • Whether your core team members want to get trained on particular SAP Module;
  • Whether you plan to undertake application Maintenance / Migration;
  • Whether you want to undertake technical up gradation of your SAP systems

SAP Services

We specialize in following SAP services to our clients:

  • Implementation
  • Technical Upgrade
  • Application Installation
  • Application Migration
  • Application Maintenance
  • Training

Delivery Capabilities

We generally follow the AGILE and/or ASAP methodology for execution of any SAP project. Almost all of our technical & functional consultants have at least 3 years of experience, and have handled at least 2 Implementation projects in their area of expertise.

Industry Experience

We have experience of implementing SAP in following industries:

  • Aviation
  • FMCG
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Travel
  • Pharmaceutical


DataTech Consulting (India) has the capability to develop programs, User Interfaces, reports, which can help you manage daily functions of your enterprise, which may be small in size but has sizeable operations. With limited investment, maximum results can be expected.
End-to-end Processes as followed in varied departments of your business can be appropriately designed and developed at our end. The solutions as provided at our end, provide following benefits to our customers:

- An Integrated system is produced, and duplication of efforts is removed.
- Flexibility is presented in the form that data fields can be used for multiple purposes.
- Real Time Data Processing is offered such that updates are available as soon as data is entered and saved.
- Multiple reporting options are provided for analysis and decision making purposes.
- Our basic packages for varied business functions can be customized as per your needs.
- The solutions offered at our end can be used across the globe.
- Multiple languages support is available on demand.
- Multiple currency support is available.

Web Based Custom Application Development

Ours is a young and vibrant IT company, dedicated to develop int